Boss Laporta löst Erderschütterung aus – Barcelona in Aufruhr! Droht Trainer Xavi das Aus?

boss laporta löst erderschütterung aus - barcelona in aufruhr! droht trainer xavi das aus?

Ein großer Schock erschütterte den FC Barcelona, als Präsident Laporta eine Entscheidung traf, die das Erdbeben auslöste. Die Frage, die alle Fans bewegt: Steht Trainer Xavi kurz vor dem Aus? Die Antwort darauf erfahren Sie hier!

Boss Laporta löst Erderschütterung aus – Barcelona in Aufruhr! Droht Trainer Xavi das Aus?

Clash in Barcelona: Xavi’s future uncertain

Barcelona, ​​Spain – A storm is brewing at FC Barcelona as the team nears the end of the season. Despite a 2-0 victory against lowly Almeria, alarm bells are ringing loudly within the club. Spanish sports newspapers, „as“ and „Marca,“ are even reporting a „Barça earthquake.“

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Barcelona-Trainer Xavi vor dem Spiel in Almeria
Barcelona-Trainer Xavi vor dem Spiel in Almeria

According to reports, club president Joan Laporta made a last-minute decision to cancel the team’s flight to the away game. Instead, an unplanned meeting took place between Laporta and sporting director Deco. During the meeting, Deco was given the task of finding a new coach for the upcoming season.

Xavi’s Rollercoaster Journey

Xavi had initially announced his departure at the end of the season, citing a loss of joy in his work. However, the club managed to persuade him to continue. Is it now a case of backtracking?

Tensions Rise

Spanish media reports suggest that Laporta is furious with Xavi. The reason behind this anger lies in the coach’s statements before the Almeria game. Xavi expressed concerns about the club’s difficult financial situation and had doubts about their competitiveness for the next season, contradicting what he had previously communicated in internal meetings. In those discussions, Xavi had emphasized his satisfaction with the current squad and transfer possibilities.

Xavi tried to clarify his comments after the Almeria game, saying: „I simply stated that Barcelona’s financial situation is not the best. We will work together to make the best of it and strengthen our squad. That’s how we will approach the upcoming season, with enthusiasm to win titles.“

However, it seems unlikely that Xavi will have another season with Barcelona. Laporta feels so hurt that he has decided to part ways with the coach. Spanish broadcaster RAC1 has also confirmed that Xavi has no future with the Catalan club.

The Search for a New Coach

As a result, Barcelona is now searching for a new coach, with former Germany coach Hansi Flick emerging as a potential candidate. The 59-year-old had previously been informed by Barcelona that he had no role to play after Xavi’s initial commitment. Now, the cards are apparently being reshuffled once again…

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